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Stunning model and sports figure that he may be, we don’t think Ronaldo comes close to Beckham, the earlier model for Emporio Armani underwear. There’s something about that mean Beckham armanipants.jpgstare, not to mention his soccer skills, and his personal lifestyle that ensure he remains a mega-star.

But undoubtedly young Christiano Ronaldo has model potential, as this picture from the latest Armani campaign testifies. He is the figure for Armani underwear and Armani Jeans that will be staring out from posters and ads near you from the month of February, and he is set to follow in Beckham’s footsteps as an iconic style figure.

“Cristiano is a great looking man with the perfect physique of an athlete,” said Armani. “For me, he is the essence of youth – spontaneous, exciting, a real maverick. It is for his energy that I have chosen Cristiano to become the new face of Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani Underwear – for his youthful, exciting and yes, sexy, attitude.” 

For his part, Ronaldo says that he is flattered to be working with Armani and has long been a fan of his work. “He is a legend in the fashion world.”

He is certainly a legend in terms of using some of the world’s greatest sportsmen, especially footballers, as his clothes horses. But then few others could afford the mega-bucks needed to acquire their services.



Beckham and Ronaldo may be the choice of such established style names as Armani but those catering for a younger market seek out for fresh young faces to give their promotions street cred and edge appeal – as here. newlookgrey.jpg

Luke Worrall is set fair to become one of the top male models in the world and was discovered in London’s Camden Town, returning from a session at the skate park. Already on magazine covers and hitting the gossip pages with such notablities as Kelly Osborne, he is now the face of High Street chain, New Look - which despite the recession has been enjoying considerable success.

New Look has a fast fashion turnover, initially for young girls, now also for guys. And these pictures show the new suits that they will be selling this Spring.

This represents quite a fashion development. Young men of the New Look market sector have been more into jeans and casual tops than suits and while these outfits newlook2.jpgmay be a long way from Savile Row, they nonetheless are an indication of new young interest in looking smart. If New Look are selling suits, its a fair barometer of what is happening at this level.

They plan to develope their menswear collection. Note the skinny lapels and slim shape of these jackets.

The company is one of the most successful in the High Street. So much so that it is just poised for a flotation on the London Stock Exchange.

This follows plans to float in 2007 when a £1.8 to £2 billion valuation was thought too high. Now, with a similar valuation, the retailer is aiming for a mid-March float. It would also consider a sale approach.




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THE ORIGINAL BIKER jacket, as worn by Marlon Brando and a raft of other bad-boy stars, never goes out of fashion.

Schotte claims its ‘Perfecto’ brand is the original, created by this American company in 1928, long before the Harvey Davidson version. And their’s was the one worn by Brando and now favoured by a new generation of would-be rebels, as Robert Pattinson, below.

bikejckt.jpg For those not up on the heartthrob scene, this young British actor is enjoying considerable attention, after success in the Twilight series, and various other movie roles. 

He wears the original Perfecto style, but variations on this basic winner have now been introduced by Schotte, a limited number to be available in the UK.